Jayne Somogy


GYPSY WHIMSY ART by "Somogyi" -- from L.A., CA -- now in Conyers, GA


-- I sign my work "Somogyi" the ethnically-correct spelling of my Hungarian surname. I strive for truth, beauty, harmony and peace in my life including in my art. I love beautifully curving lines and bright gorgeous colors in unusual combinations, and precise detail. I have had a lifetime love affair with the exotic—people, places, objects, music. I have the soul of a gypsy, traveling through time and space by way of books, TV and internet so as to inform myself about life, and the customs, history, environment and appearance of its fascinating, diverse inhabitants—past, present and future—so that I can present them to you, preserving indigenous cultures through my art before they disappear. I am accepting of every type of human and I love drawing all of them! My style is realistic yet whimsical and I hope my sense of humor comes through in my work because . . . well, because life is just . . . FUNNY!
~ My education includes a B.A. in Theater as well as a Professional Certificate--Summa Cum Laude in Fashion Design. In 1987 one of my fashion designs won second prize in the "Suit of the Future" national design contest.
~ In 2014, at age 68, I turned my creative focus to drawing & painting and often create dimension in my art with fabric, apparel trim, feathers, jewelry, Swarovski rhinestones & beads, and paper collage. As a belly dancer, I spent years creating and beading intricate belly dance costumes for myself and others & now use that expertise to make tiny, colorful beaded pillows out of fabric that has been printed with my artwork; my costumes & pillows are available from my etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/RaqsRags. Message me here for purchase of originals, or get them from www.XanaduGallery.com or www.SaatchiArt.com.


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