Jayne Somogy


GYPSY WHIMSY ART by "Somogyi" -- from L.A., CA -- now in Conyers, GA


~ Jayne Somogy--who signs her work as "Somogyi," the ethnically-correct spelling of her Hungarian surname--was born and raised in Ohio, attended college in Indiana & Wisconsin as an art/theatre major, lived most of her life in Los Angeles, and "retired" in 2008 to Conyers, Georgia after a long career as an administrative assistant, legal secretary, proofreader, & graphic artist. But her heart was always in the arts, and that's how much of her free time was spent--acting, singing, dancing, drawing, designing, often on a semi-professional level and earned an additional degree in fashion design from FIDM.
~ Jayne has had a lifetime love affair with the exotic--people, places, objects, music--and her favorite artistic subjects are people, and most especially, people she is never likely to meet--interesting but for the most part anonymous figures from the past who serve to define their particular time and place; individuals from the dwindling tribes of indigenous people in places she has never been; and those unique folks that many consider to have been "freaks of nature" because they didn't look like the rest of us. And because she has been an entertainer all her life, she particularly loves portraying dancers from every discipline and every part of the globe, but most especially belly dancers, her own chosen form of dance. All these individuals are rendered with love, a lightness of touch, a sense of humor, and from a sensitive soul-space that evokes a positive response from the viewer.
~ Jayne works in acrylics, pastels, charcoal, art markers, ink, colored pencil, sometimes adds fabric or collage elements, and has a fine attention to detail and an adventurous approach to color.
~ Originals from XanaduGallery.com, SaatchiArt.com and ArtsyHome.com.
~ Jayne has recently added hand-beaded small accent pillows to her collection. Many utilize her artwork, which is printed onto cotton fabric, then beaded and jeweled and sewn into small pillows. Her beading expertise comes from a number of years making highly decorative, beaded belly dance costumes for herself and others. Find her pillows in her etsy.com store, RaqsRags, or at XanaduGallery.com and ArtsyHome.com.
***Artist Statement***
To me, beauty and truth are everything, and they equal love which, metaphysically and spiritually speaking, is all there is. I strive for beauty, harmony and peace in every facet of my life and, by extension, in my art. I love beautifully curving lines and bright gorgeous colors in unusual combinations, and precise detail. I have had a lifetime affair with the exotic—people, places, objects, music—and I have the soul of a gypsy, traveling through time and space by way of books, television and the internet in order to inform myself about life, and the customs, history, environment and appearance of its fascinating, diverse inhabitants—past, present and future—so that I can present them to you, preserving indigenous cultures as they used to be or before they disappear. I have always been accepting of every type of human—regardless of gender or sexual identity, age, religion, ethnicity, color or race—as long as that human is kind and practices the Golden Rule—and I love drawing all of them! My style is whimsical and has been described as being “informed” which I consider a great compliment. I hope my sense of humor also comes through in my work because . . . well, because life is just . . . FUNNY!


Asian Characters Icon No. 1 by Jayne Somogy


Asian Branch Icon No. 1 by Jayne Somogy


Asian Cloud Icon No. 1 by Jayne Somogy


Asian Dragon Icon No. 1 by Jayne Somogy


Spotlight on Gypsy -- #5 in Famous Flirts series by Jayne Somogy


Rococo Coquette -- Mme. Pompadour, #2 in Famous Flirts Series by Jayne Somogy


The 5th, Beheaded -- Tudor Portrait, Catherine Howard, #3 in Famous Flirts Series by Jayne Somogy


Nile Nymph -- Cleopatra, #1 in Famous Flirts Series by Jayne Somogy


Apple, Snake, Woman -- Eve in Garden of Eden, #4 in Famous Flirts Series by Jayne Somogy


Apples and Oranges and Elephants, Oh My -- Whimsical Still Life w/ Elephant by Jayne Somogy


Hungarian Lullaby -- #1 Hungarian Rhapsody series by Jayne Somogy


Czardas -- #2 Hungarian Rhapsody series by Jayne Somogy


Wedding March -- #3 Hungarian Rhapsody Series by Jayne Somogy


Prelude -- #4 Hungarian Rhapsody series by Jayne Somogy


Duet -- #5 Hungarian Rhapsody Series by Jayne Somogy


Small Boy, Big Grin -- Retro Portrait of Black Boy by Jayne Somogy


Vintage Sweetheart by Jayne Somogy


Kickin' It -- Black Children from 1930s by Jayne Somogy


Twists, at 9 -- Portrait of African-American Boy by Jayne Somogy


The Boy Who Hated Cheerios -- Portrait of African-American Child by Jayne Somogy


Corduroy Overalls,1942 -- Retro Portrait of African-American Child by Jayne Somogy


Kirikou, Dreaming -- Portrait of Little African-American Girl by Jayne Somogy


Cutie Patootie by Jayne Somogy


Lolita -- Portrait of Fictional Character by Jayne Somogy


'Punzel -- Portrait of Storybook Character Rapunzel by Jayne Somogy


Wolf Bait in the Woods -- Little Red Riding Hood Portrait by Jayne Somogy


A Queen, Her Mirror and an Apple by Jayne Somogy


That Pesky Pea by Jayne Somogy


It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Tea Party -- humorous Mad Hatter portrait by Jayne Somogy


Fey -- the original -- Fantasy Elf Portrait with Polka Dots by Jayne Somogy


King o' the Pirates by Jayne Somogy


Sea Siren, Resting -- Whimsical Mermaid Drawing by Jayne Somogy


Coolie Buddha -- Stylized Buddha in Hat by Jayne Somogy


Eastern Elegance -- Whimsical Asian Woman by Jayne Somogy


Empress Exotica -- Whimsical Exotic Woman by Jayne Somogy


Desert Diva -- Whimsical Arabic Woman by Jayne Somogy


I'm Just DRAWN That Way --v.2 -- Jessica Rabbit Portrait by Jayne Somogy


Maybelline by Jayne Somogy


Birthday Suit by Jayne Somogy


La Dame de Shanghai -- Asian Fashion Collage by Jayne Somogy


Egyptian Evolution by Jayne Somogy


Say Yes to the Dress by Jayne Somogy


Puzzled by Jayne Somogy


Minimalist Madness -- Whimsical Fashion Drawing by Jayne Somogy


Shabby Chic -- Art Deco Interior w/ Fashion Figure by Jayne Somogy


La Toilette -- Woman in Whimsical Art Deco Bathroom by Jayne Somogy


Erte'-esque -- Art Deco Interior w/ Fashion Figure by Jayne Somogy


Celestial Bodies -- Fashion Collage Portrait w/ Fabric and Crystals by Jayne Somogy